Investor-ready start-up pitch deck in 27 slides

Wondering what structure to use to pitch your company to potential investors?

In this post, I will walk you through a pitch deck / information memorandum structure that, based on over 7 years of experience working in Private Equity and Merger & Acquisition, will provide investors with the key information they are expecting to see at this stage of their investment process.

If you’d like to read the full version with detailed explanations about each section, feel free to access directly the comprehensive article I have wrote on How to Write an Investor-Ready Startup Pitch Deck.

Part 1 — Introduction

1 — Summarized Overview of the Company

2 — Key Acquisition / Investment Highlights

Part 2 — Business and Product Overview / Presentation

3 — Historical Timeline and Key Milestones

4 — Product Features / Walkthrough of the Product

5 — Customers Acquisition Channels / Onboarding

6 — Testimonials, Reviews or Screenshots to Prove Quality of Product

7 — Presentation of Founders, Background and Role

8 — Team Org Chart and High-level View of Tasks and Responsibilities

9 — Market Overview

10 — Customers / Target Audience

11 — Pricing Plan and Invoicing

12 — Current Marketing / Sales Funnel and Strategy

13 — Benefit of Investing In / Acquiring the Company

14 — Future Growth Strategy / Roadmap

Part 3 — Financial and Operational Metrics

15 — Operational Metrics

16 — Overview of Financials

17 — Graphic Representation of your MRR growth / ARPU growth / LTV growth

18 — Summarized and Clean P&L

19 — Summarized and Clean Balance Sheet

20 — Summarized and Clean Cash Flow Statements

Part 4 — Transaction

21 — Details of the Transaction

22 — What the Funds will be Used For (for Fundraising)

23 — Overview of Assets Included in the Deal

24 — Comparable Transactions

Part 5 — Founders Q&A (optional)

25 — Answers to Typical Questions Investors Will Ask

Part 6 — Appendix

26 — Additional Information or Documents

27 — Get in Touch Slide

If you liked the above structure and would like to understand better how to prepare a pitch deck in line with your own specificities, feel free to have a read at the full description, on How to Write an Investor-Ready Startup Pitch Deck where I have compiled my thoughts behind all the example slides shown above.



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