• Garo Tashjian

    Garo Tashjian

  • Semida Silveira

    Semida Silveira

    Founder of Sustainable Vision. KTH Professor. I write about sustainable development and societal transformation. https://ssemida.medium.com/membership

  • Askanbayev


  • Girish Balakrishnan

    Girish Balakrishnan

    Founder/Solution Architect at AccountPal(ABM /Account Selling on Salesforce) and SocialHire. Interests include income inequality in US, mindfulness and travel

  • Clément Bourcart

    Clément Bourcart

    Community and Content @ 🍉Melon.ooo, the NFT marketplace for creators and fans! https://clementbourcart.carrd.co/

  • Shaun Enslin

    Shaun Enslin

    Coding, technology and data are my passions. Oh, and some crypto trading with lots of cycling on the side. https://www.linkedin.com/in/shaun-enslin-4984bb14b/

  • Mechell Lord

    Mechell Lord

  • Monnel Espiritu

    Monnel Espiritu

    Filipino Millennial hacking the system through Freelancing, Lifestyle Design, Optimized Learning, Performance Optimization, Entrepreneurship, and Adventures

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