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Wondering what structure to use to pitch your company to potential investors?

In this post, I will walk you through a pitch deck / information memorandum structure that, based on over 7 years of experience working in Private Equity and Merger & Acquisition, will provide investors with the key information…

Look beyond simple churn rate to best understand your sales

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A quick reminder churn rate definition

If you are familiar with SaaS (Software as a Service) or subscription type business models, you know that churn rate (or retention rate) is one of the key KPIs you need to monitor correctly and try to improve. In short, churn rate corresponds to…

From the elegance of valuation theory to the hard truth of reality

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Valuation is an interesting and complex topic indeed. The theory behind modern valuation approaches is fascinating, hard to grasp, and even harder to apply to real life projects.

Everyone working in corporate finance, Merger & Acquisition or Private Equity Investment have heard of and understand at the very least the…

Pierre-Alexandre HEURTEBIZE

Investment & M&A Director at HoriZen Capital. Creator of FDD course @ https://fddcourse.horizencapital.com/p/financial-due-diligence.

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